About Running Still

Running Still is an absolute page-turner. You can’t put it down. Author Steven Sheiner combines suspense, intrigue and ingenuity in his first thrill-filled book. It’s a well-written story, super easy to read, destined to be a summer hit! ...Run, don’t wait, to get “Running Still!
— Melinda

Jack Turner has a problem.

Less than a year after escaping the big city for a taste of the simple life, his family is sick. His wife and kids have been diagnosed with a never before seen illness and the clock is ticking. But why isn't he sick? And how is there already a drug available for this new disease? Jack will stop at nothing to get answers, and to save his family. 

With the help of some surprising and unexpected friends, he uncovers a conspiracy that is bigger than anything he could have imagined. But is it more than he can handle? Filled with action, drama, and suspense, Running Still is a roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!



Medical thriller with well developed characters and excellent paced plot full of twists and surprises, focusing on Big Pharma and greed. It’s scary to think that this could actually happen. Kept me guessing to the very end. Had a hard time putting it down. You’ll love it.
— Diamond Lady
This book was a total page turner - the storyline was interesting, the characters were well developed and it was easy to read. I felt as though I could see myself in the shoes of the main character. The storyline is totally feasible. Highly recommend to anyone wanting something a little different, very engaging, and easy to read. Can’t wait for the next book!
— K. Simmons
I loved this book! I’m an avid reader and a tough crowd and I was blown away by this novel from first time author! I highly recommend this book, the plot was twisted and really kept me on my toes! Amazing character development and the story line all ties together beautifully.
— Bisherit44
This wasn’t a book it was a run on pure adrenaline, and boy what a ride I had. This story had me riveted from page one until the nail biting end. There was so much action, the story didn’t rest for a second!. I found myself rooting for Jack and his friends. Thank you Steven Sheiner, I’ll buy a front seat ticket to see the movie some day.
— Kitty