Meet Steven Sheiner

Optometrist and Author

Steven Sheiner is an optometrist and writer, proving that it's never too late to pursue your dreams! He is the author of the acclaimed thrillers, Running Still and Shot Down, and the winner of the first ever James Patterson Master Class short-story writing contest.

Growing up, Steven worked in a bookstore and was always drawn to good stories and great writing. As a teen, he enjoyed science fiction and fantasy. Tolkien, Asimov, Bradbury, etc were some of his early favorites. As he got older, he started transitioning to more adult themes. He read all the classics, all the books that were "required reading" in middle and high school. He had grown up. 

That is, until, Harry Potter was born. J.K. Rowling created an entire new world and could weave a tale in incredible fashion. Steven's love for fantasy was reborn. But he also read mysteries, crime thrillers, action adventure books. His favorites quickly differentiated themselves. John Grisham. James Patterson. Michael Crichton. Robin Cook. Dan Brown. They all had different styles and unique topics, but they all told captivating stories and wrote with such ease that kept Steven turning the page.

Steven began his college career as an accounting major, and then proceeded to change his major three times. He had no idea what we wanted to do professionally, but always loved to write. His parents told him what most parents tell their kids when they want to pursue their dreams: "You'll never make any money at that!" So Steven went the "safe" route and became an optometrist. But twenty years later, he still regretted not pursuing a writing career, and decided it was about time. At forty-five years old, after having been an optometrist for twenty years, he decided to write his first book. 

Running Still is the product of those efforts. It has received nothing but 5-star reviews and has been widely received by readers.

Steven Sheiner lives in South Florida with his wife and two boys.